Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lovely to see 'Executive One' Fly Away

A very unique coverage of the just-concluded inaugration ceremony in Washington D.C. follows. The  key:

The event
My thoughts

Bush Jr. comes into view
The *onke* is in the house!

Obama comes into view
History is happening.

Obama stutters
Oh, he is a human and he's got a heart, which is skipping beats right now. The last one had no brain fluid; 8 years of observation showed bizarre movements of arguably the world's most-hated eyebrows. Surely, the brain directs muscles in the body, and the erratic twosome were devoid of any control.

Obama speaks to the Muslim World
Thank you!

Obama escorting Dubya towards 'Executive One'
Oh come on, kick him out, throw him...just do something dramatic. Don't stand there like a gentleman, for God's sake!

On that last note, I suppose we will not always be happy with President Obama. There will inevitably be grievances and what if's. But more than that, there are feelings of good riddance, on the one hand, and ecstacy and hope on the other. Congratulations, world!

Saadia is dizzy and going to bed
The presentation above makes complete sense now.

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Chet said...

Bush who? It is a happy day that he is gone.

I really feel that Obama will do what is right. I feel that this is a great day not just for America but for the world.

Komal said...

Agree! His policies are justified and aren't biased like that of Mr. George W Bush. He is surely a man of principles, and for once there won't be 'color line'!

Saadia said...

Bush who? Haha...that's the spirit, Mr. Chet!

Komal, that's the hope!

I'm so happy! I don't want to see that other face ever again!

Abdul Sami said...

it scares me to think of the day we will utter 'bush who'... it could b a day so dark that everything bush did would be a distant memory...

then again.. it could be a bright and shiny day !!!!

Abdul Sami said...

gosh.. i had to retype it again and again... s2pid blogger :(

Anas Imtiaz said...

The good thing is that Bush is gone. I don't see Obama being 'good' to us but surely no one can be as bad as Bush

Anonymous said...

let's hope Obama brings 'hope' and 'change' as he promised...
And hoping he stays good, not just to americans, but to the muslim world as well

R. Ramesh said...

Saadia is dizzy and going to bed; The presentation above makes complete sense now - i liked this part of the story very much..heyyy. saadiaaa..how come yr comments dint appear..at last i saw one and was quite happy..but the comment was that the comment could not be posted..haaaa..

R. Ramesh said...

saadiaaaaaaaa, bahhhh...thanks for yr gr8 suggestion on microwave...ok how to handle the buzzing mobile while taking bath and soap enters your eyes!!!?? hahah plenty smart quesition..haannnn

Anonymous said...

Drawing up on exquisite's comment, let's hope he brings hope to HUMANITY as a whole.
That's a major feat then.
And if we forget Bush what does that say about the significance he holds in history.Hitler's name is uttered in hate, but nonetheless uttered and remembered.If we forget- we're being ignorant to the pain that's been inflicted upon others.