Thursday, July 16, 2009


I feel so humbled with the messages people have been posting on my blog. Where am I? How am I? Is everything alright? And my blog isn't even that popular. But then, maybe that is the whole reason why... the very fact that I have a few followers allows for personal e-bonds to develop.

Truly, how rude and inconsiderate of me to disappear just like that. I'm sorry. Pakistan was burning, and so much was being written about that. My heart ached too much, my brain brittled in despair; but hope - good old hope - has once again been the florence nightingale that it is supposed to be.

Following the despair, I took a month to plan and prepare for another hard-earned European trip, the other month while we were at it. We returned less than a week back and I couldn't but ignore all your lovely messages. I am, firstly and importantly, going to spend time getting up-to-date with all your blogs, and only then can I consider writing more on my own. I owe that to this community.

Also, it helps that by God's grace, Pakistan seems to be doing better. And we shouldn't be asking for more than baby steps.


Id it is said...

Good to see you back! I'm glad to hear you reaffirm what I felt... Pakistan does seem to be coming together.
Look forward to a post about your recent trip.

anas said...

welcome back!

Razz said...

Good to have you back!

R. Ramesh said...

heyyy saaaaaaadiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, u can hear me..or should i grab the phone from my colleague of multan, and say hi to u..missed u a lot do so many others..gr8 c2 c u back..reg. sharmila tagore and rude celebrities..well, as v agreed v r all celebrities on our own..what say..most of my friends at office r fm will pray for peace in pak and india...cheeerrsss and not dont repeat the vanishing trick ok?

Onkar said...

So nice to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Well said....Pakistan is burning, somehow gov overlooked the situation earlier and now it has gone severe but hopefully overcome... I wish so... :)