Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Celebrity Endorsements

One knows for a fact that little kids are impressionable. Very much so. Then, one day, they grow up. Or do they?

Going by the mind-boggling figures companies spend on celebrity endorsements, the answer is: No. Indian movie stars take upto (and more than) Rs. 3 crores per endorsement. Big companies and big banners are - well - big because they're not stupid, and if their research tells them that attaching a face to their brand boosts their sales, then they must. But one wonders why that is. Are we, adults, not intelligent enough to recognize the good and dependable attributes of a product, that we need the great walk of fame to take us to the right thing! Or are we not cultured and creative enough to realise our own aesthetics?

I am willing to give to the idea of celebrity endorsements only in so much as product recall is concerned, but no more. What about you?

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