Saturday, November 8, 2008

President of the World?

A couple of friends were wondering whether there was anything special about the victory of Obama, beyond the colour of his skin. Of course, when America votes, the world waits. But they thought people's excitement levels have been going un-checked. So in order to do justice to both sides of the argument, I thought it wise to mention the other side of the story as well. And I've found just the piece to elaborate that thought:

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Relevant link spotted [November 21, 2008]: Let Obama be Obama


Fencreative said...

I agree with you and this was a great article. In the UK we have a fantastic capacity to build personalities up that no policy can possibly sustain. We just have to live in hope.

Saadia said...

Please help me understand. Are you suggesting that the UK has got personality politics (eg. Pakistan), rather than party politics (eg. USA)?

Id it is said...

That's reality check for sure. Unfortunately most people are currently in an Obama frenzy and will not heed the voice of reason so let's only hope he'll let us down 'gently' as the article suggests he do.
Thanks for the link.

Saadia said...

I think it is human nature to get carried away, every once in a while. And I think we must thank Bush Jr. for the frenzy that we're experiencing right now! However, of course, as you say, a reality check is needed too!