Monday, November 3, 2008

The Raunch Factor

The Rand Corporation has recently come out with a study, linking sex on TV with teenage pregnancies. Congratulations! You're not quite there, but it is a start at least. The research suggests that with TV shows glamourising sex and not necessarily focussing on the consequences, teenagers are encouraged more and more, to indulge.

The same, albeit with concerns of morality rather than practicality (which is, but an inevitable off-shoot), has been the mantra of the religious ("the right", matey!): That our interactions with the opposite gender should have some limitations. That our exposure to all things carnal should be snubbed (marital "woe's" not included), not just monitored.

Maybe it is time that we told the "enlightened" to be open-minded. Come on, let's face it. These are just entertainment shows. What harm could they possibly do, than to relax the mind, body and soul.

Of course, the study has attracted the media's attention because they now need to suggest people to teach their teenaged children a thing or two about safe sex, and to watch these shows with them, so as to make it a healthy experience. It is still not a debate on what is morally right and what is not. But like I said, it is a start at least!

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