Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Charter for Compassion


How do we know said...

the last time i was here, did i tell u how much i loved ur blog?

U may want to cut down on the graphics tho.. the loading is really slow on most days.

Saadia said...

Haha, no, you didn't tell me that earlier. Thank you. I loved the 'words are holy silences' bit. Did you write that yourself?

Your advice on the graphics has been noted. Hopefully, it is a temporary issue because of the nature of two of my recent posts: 'A Glimpse of the Northern Areas of Pakistan' and 'I-am-sterdam'.

How do we know said...

Yes, that comes from my journal of 2004, but i dont consciously write.. more like the words just make themselves on the paper and i see them afterwards :-) and i dont think most of that stuff is readable or qualifies as poetry.. but other ppl do (good for me)