Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh really!

When complimenting a nature painting or a piece of art, have you ever exclaimed, "Wow, this looks almost real!"?

And when in awe of nature, have you ever thought how unreal it all seems - much like a painting?

What do you think of the following?

The first two were taken during a jeep-ride between Naran and the Lulusar Lake, in the northern areas of Pakistan. The latter two, from a bus, in Andalusia, Spain.

Copyright (c) 2008 Saadia Malik


Id it is said...

Pakistan in a different light, and one that we never get to see, a picturesque Pakistan!

Azure skies and sprawling lush greens make the mind wander, don't they?

Amazing pictures; they remind me of my visit to Nova Scotia a few summers ago when nature had me under her spell, and I spent endless hours clicking pictures, some of which I'd posted on my blog a while ago.
Thanks for sharing these.

Saadia said...


Please do share the link for your Nova Scotia post... I am quite fond of nature and photography, so it'll be interesting to see.

justkyut said...

Nice photos! You took them? I wanted to go to Spain but do not have the budget to do so LOL!

I'm from the Philippines. Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog. How about where are you from?

Saadia said...

Yes, we saved up for a trip in the summers this year. We weren't on a very fancy budget, by the way, so if you need help planning a trip with limited funds, I'd be happy to share my experience.

And the other two photos are from my own country, Pakistan. Ever been here? Or in this region?

khuzaima said...

yes ive been there and its heaven ... why did i come back to this ugly world.. ill never know but Allah has really blessed us with so many beautiful places in pakistan.. dont know about spain but ill tell u when one day i visit it.

Saadia said...

Soon, I pray. :-)

Rammal said...

Pakistan is just so beautiful. Saadia, have you seen jheel saiful malook? have you been there? You should upload some pictures of it on your blog.

Saadia said...

Yes, of course. Lucky to have been there about 3 times. And unlucky to have witnessed its adulteration over time. The commercial ventures around it have stolen a bit from its beauty. I will share those soon, however. I did not earlier, because I didn't really take postcard photographs of the lake. There is always somebody posing in the foreground!