Monday, November 3, 2008

Times of Despair? Says who!

While the US government is busy acting on its US$ 700 billion bail-out plan, the still-rich keep finding ways to annoy us all. Forget about the bail-out plan, or even the need for it. Something would be seriously wrong with anybody's genetics, who doesn't find a reason to question these excesses, even in the best of times:

A $2500 Mac Book- even if the aesthetics are "whoa!";
A $7000 Laser-Powered HDTV - even if it has the widest color gamut;
And wait for this: a $5000 toilet - even if it plays music, flashes light and yes, even if it wards off bad smell while you're on the pot!

Copyright (c) 2008 Saadia Malik


Maryam J said...

Hahaha funny shite woman! Just read all of your posts. Thoroughly entertaining *kudos*

Awais Karim said...

I liked that TV....i would have been more impressed if it would had been a computer graphic card :)